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Dron Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.

Dron Digital Services Private Limited is a company founded by the students of IIT Ropar. Dron is an enterprise which brings full Campus digitization solutions for day to day needs of students and school/college administration via intra-campus mobile App and website. Dron manages the database of every user’s activities and does data analytics of user’s previous choices.

Why Dron?

We handle and work upon a number of problems faced in a school/college Campus and have solutions for :

1) Outdated Hostel dining hall/mess.
2) Spam emails or over usage of mails for campus activities and lost/found section.
3) The outdated library system for book issuing
4) Bulky paperwork for institute administration.
5) Time-consuming Entry system for campus, Labs, and Library.
6) No Dynamic Intra-Campus calendar for Event Planning, Booking, and Broadcasting.
7) Cumbersome processes for official approvals.
8) Wastage of time, money and human resources for record maintenance.

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Our Talented and Experienced Team

Harsh Sahay
Sonu Kedia